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The Naturopathic Advocacy and Community Awareness Team (N-ACT) was started in 2003 by students at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. N-ACT strives to create the future leaders of naturopathic medicine and promote naturopathic medicine through legislative advocacy and public awareness efforts.


N-ACT's mission is to educate students on healthcare legislation, encourage participation in legislative activities, establish student involvement in professional organizations, and support students to enhance their skills for their future businesses. Our goal is to raise awareness about naturopathic medicine and build professional relationships in the community.

Core Values

○ Display excellence within the student body ○ Embody professionalism ○ Represent the integrity of our profession ○ Be enthusiastic ○ Empower and sustain the next generation of Naturopathic Physicians ○ Create a sense of community among young medical professionals ○ Collaborate and have teamwork ○ Innovate and provide solutions ○ Have a passion!